Third Party Character Wishlist for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

The announcement from SuperBot Entertainment and GT TV has been spoken and it is indeed PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. During Geoff Keighley’s interview with SuperBot Entertainment’s President, Chan Park they announced that “third party is a huge part of PlayStation and that [they] are definitely going to feature them.” Therefore, this has inspired me to write an article on which third party characters I would like to see in the game much like the hype before Super Smash Bros Brawl when Snake was announced.

 3. Soldier (Call of Duty)

I am not a fan boy of Call of Duty but you cannot deny that Call of Duty has been the most influential franchise in this current generation. It would make complete sense to include this character. There are many weapons at the disposal of the soldier, including the knife, the grenade “Noobtube” launcher, submachine guns, LMG’s and much more. Think about the ultimate attack. It would show up as “killstreak” on the screen and you can control a chopper across the map. Pretty cool!

2. Rayman

Ever since the days of the original PlayStation, Sony fans have loved the limbless hero. With his helicopter hair and flying fists, he would be perfect to fight alongside the likes of Kratos and Nathan Drake. There are also many venues from Rayman for the PlayStation cast to fight in. One example would be Marshes of Awakening from Rayman Revolution where the fighters ride on the snakes of the swampland river, which maneuver through ramps and rocks along the path. Another level would be the Sea of Serendipity from Rayman: Origins, which begins at the level where the stage gets obliterated by cannon fire and then transpires to an underwater stage; afterwards the players would ride on the moskitos and fight in an airborne setting. His final smash would be the use of Moskito, the character in Rayman and Rayman: Origins which he rides upon. It would be able to suck up enemies and blow them out of the stage or hit other enemies. Also it could simply be a ramming move like Super Sonic in Super Smash Bros Brawl.  

 1. Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora, throughout much of the Kingdom Hearts series, has been a staple to Sony. The original Kingdom Hearts was the very reason why many grabbed the PlayStation 2, including myself. The sales for the original Kingdom Hearts reached the number of almost 6 million units. What better way is there to celebrate this cherished franchise than place him into Battle Royale? There would be many moves at his disposal including Sonic Blade, which rushes from one side of the map to the other (like Fox’s dash move in Super Smash Bros) and a plethora of spells to choose from (Thunder, Fire, Blizzard, Aero, Magnet). His final smash would be Ars Arcanum, a combination of slashes from the keyblade which eventually ends with flaring lights shooting out the end of his weapon. To get a good idea on how he would play, check out Super Smash Flash 2, an excellent flash based fan made game by There is one condition though if he is on PlayStation All Stars (and I’m sure many agree with me) and that would be NO DISNEY!


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