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My Dream Stages for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

Sony have unveiled four stages includng Metropolis (Ratchet and Clank), the Creation Station (LittleBigPlanet), The Old World (Jak and Daxter) and Hades’ Lair (God of War) but there are many possibilities within Sony’s universe especially under the power of the almighty PS3. Here are my dream stages for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. This is all a bit of fun so feel free to comment below your ideas too!

The First Colossus – Shadow of the Colossus – Frozen Shores – Killzone 3

On this stage, players will traverse the Colossus’ platforms as it stomps around the fields of Shadow of the Colossus.

While the main theme, The Opened Way, is playing, the Colossus walks into a frozen area and stumbles. At this moment, its head is flashing blue. All the players rise to the top in attempts to strike it at its weak point. When the colossus falls, its essence (like the game) is transferred to the character who killed it, giving him/her one energy bar to use super attacks with. As the colossus fades, suddenly the flying vehicles from Killzone 3 and transitions into a scene where the players are on the vehicles behind ISA soldiers. The music is switched again to the main theme of Killzone 3, “And Ever We Fight On.”

The stage then transpires to the Frozen Shores leve of Killzone 3, where the vehicles hover around the base, destroying the blue energy canisters so the infrastructure topples down. Meanwhile, your characters are fighting on these vehicles and platforms from the base. However, there is a risk when you jump onto the base’s platforms because when the canisters explode, you could topple down to the bottom.

Locomotion – Uncharted 2 – Twilight Town – Kingdom Hearts 2

The characters begin on top of the train with ” – 13 – Locomotion” as an intro title on the stage. Players have to jump over signs to avoid getting a life being taken from them as the warning alarms become louder. The theme, Helicopter and Tank plays as the next part of the stage would be the helicopter flying around using its turrets to try to kill the players on top of the train. 

The train enters a tunnel and re-emerges with the setting of Twilight Town from Kingdom Hearts 2. The song “Sinister Shadows” plays.

Instead of a helicopter, however, a heartless called the Storm Rider tries to ram the characters on top of the train and deal heavy damage to them. However, the character needs to be able to dodge this attack like Sora did in Kingdom Hearts 2. Across the stage, there are tiny whirlwinds scattered. When you enter inside and press the jump button, you will jump at a great distance upwards, using the wind to thrust you upwards.

Twilight Town then drifts away as the train enters the tunnel back to the Uncharted world. The stages will continuously interchange until the battle is over.

I hope you enjoyed my dream stages for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and please comment below your ideas! I’d be fascinated to read them.